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EKŌGAIO is a collective whose vocation is to facilitate the realization of projects in a holistic agro-regenerative approach, respecting strong ecological and economic principles

EKŌGAIO campaigns for the restoration of ecosystems and intervenes in the fields that you want to develop on your land:

  • Reforestation, revegetation, regeneration of riparian galleries
  • Organic edible production on any scale
  • Creation of biodiversity and life in the soil
  • Water management
  • Silvicultural, forestry and agroforestry management
  • Development of educational and social projects…

Design services

After a first contact, we will send you a questionnaire allowing us to tell us more about your vision, briefly describe your project, and even help you to define your objectives.

Prior to the design services, we carefully study your questionnaire. We also do a remote study of your site and its environment.

Then it is with a great joy that we can together plan a visit of your property!


  • Understand the client’s needs and (re)define his goals
  • Observe and analyze the site
  • Guide the client by giving him guidelines


  • 1 hour of client’s interview
  • 2 to 3 hours of technical visit of the property, to discuss possible solutions and orientations for the project
  • Note taking is strongly recommended


  • Map your land and define the zones, to organize as closely as possible to your needs, optimize resources and your energy expenditure


  • Zoning plan (from an aerial view, a topographic plan, etc.)
  • Optional: brief report presenting the areas
    (vegetable garden, orchards, agroforestry, reforestation area, etc.), their uses and synergies

When we engage in this holistic approach, we design and plan a realistic project by proposing solutions adapted to your choices and your budget. We carry out the agro-regenerative / permaculture design of your place at any scale: sizing of activities in relation to the goals, strategies adapted for their sustainable productivity, benchmarks for their implementation, step by step. At the end of this design, you have in your hands a whole technical didactic file.

  • Description of your project
  • Analysis of your site: climate, geography,
    orientation, sunshine, water, access, vegetation, structures, soil, etc.
  • Reminder of your needs
  • Detailed design: all maps, technical drawings, etc.
  • Definition of priorities and action plan for
    implementation: water management,
    management of access, soil preparation and improvement, timeline, detailed budget
  • Recommendations: soil protection, irrigation, management of green wastes, maintenance
  • Detailed lists: species and varieties, suppliers, costs, references and additional resources

During the design phase, we can ask you about the scenarios envisaged.

Duration: until 3 months depending on the level of detail you want.

If you are looking for land and you are already interested in real estate, know that we can help you by carrying out a pre-purchase evaluation.

This service is part of a future real estate, agricultural or rural investment.

We can appraise the property you have visited and plan to acquire to appreciate its features ensuring that it meets your goals.

  • Pre-visit analysis via geographic information systems of the terrain, vegetation, soils, etc.
  • Prior client interview (1 hour) to clarify your goals, which will help us to know if this is the right property for you
  • Visit of the site (2 to 3 hours) to assess the potential of the land, in accordance with your goals
  • Written report of the visit: observations, potentials (in particular for regeneration and agricultural production), recommendations and possible solutions to any problems encountered

Other services

The essential step after acquiring a property is the topographic survey. If you ask for it, then the designing process can start.

Aeorophotography | Precision agriculture | 3D Modelling

  • Site preparation, monitoring of earthworks  (coordination of companies / machines)
  • Realization and / or coordination of the implementation (land marking, planting work)
  • Project management: oversee installation of design, trouble shoot, organize, fine tune design strategies, follow the project until everything is running as projected
  • Order management of plants and / or materials

We can also host courses or any other type of educational and pedagogical event for you and your clients: conceptual and practical training, internships, workshops, conferences, seminars, participation in events, etc.

  • Presentation of projects, instruction of files / legal issues
  • Arborist service : management of landscaped park and maintenance work (pruning, felling)

By using our services, you also benefit from:

  • Personalized support and advises throughout the design phase
  • Contacts:
    – our suppliers for quality plants at the best prices
    – our community to broadcast your events
    – the organizations we work with for fundraising (Erasmus +, Reforest’Action…)
  • Help for the development of educational programs
  • Putting in contact with other associations with which we collaborate in the regenerative and permaculture environment

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