The Haven

Serra, Ribatejo


SIZE : 4000 m2
GOALS : edible production (plant based diet)
FEATURES : vegetable garden (2022). The design of the entire property and more implementations are to come

Herdade da Saudade

Montemor-o-Novo, Alentejo


SIZE : 330 ha
GOALS : holistic farming, ecological tourism, water management, food production « farm to plate »
FEATURES : market garden in a 3000 m2 plot (2022). More implementations are to come


Saboia, Baixo Alentejo

Cultural events place

SIZE : 18 ha
GOALS : regeneration of the land, edible production, water management, agroforestry systems, timber production, cultural and pedagogical events
FEATURES : market garden and agroforest (2022). The design of the entire property and more implementations are in progress or to come

Waking Life

Crato, Alto Alentejo

Cultural events place

SIZE : 12 ha + 28 ha from the Municipality of Crato
GOALS : regeneration of the land, water management, agroforestry systems (forest farming, restoration of the riparian galleries, windbreaks), market garden, cultural and pedagogical events
FEATURES : Mediterranean orchard, zones of regeneration, water management, remodeling of accesses, windbreaks (2021)
Permaculture and Regenerative Agriculture and Design and implementation of a windbreak and a firebreak (2021)

Câmara municipal do Crato

Crato, Alto Alentejo


SIZE : 28 ha
GOALS : land transferred by the Municipality to reconnect people to their territory – When the regeneration of a land brings back the dynamism of an entire region
PROJECT : holistic agro-regenerative design project to develop and enhance the region of Alto Alentejo in Portugal, responding to the economic, environmental, social and cultural pillars (2021)

Terra Kasuria

Tavira, Algarve


SIZE : 1 ha
GOALS : regeneration of the land, agroforestry systems, water management
FEATURES : rewild, keyline design, agroforestry systems (agroforest, food forest, windbreak), vegetable garden, accesses (2020-2022)
WORKSHOPS : Market garden and Permaculture and Regenerative Agriculture

Casa do Sol

Ponte de Lima, Norte


SIZE : 1500 m2
GOALS : Permaculture design and implementation
vegetable garden, food forest, creation and remodeling of the accesses, earthwork to create different terraces, rainwater recovery with buried tank (2020-2022)

Paraiso Tipu Tipu

Algoz, Algarve


SIZE : 1 ha
GOALS : educational project and food supply for family and members
FEATURES : syntropic agroforest (2019)
Permaculture and regenerative agriculture

New Loops

Loulé, Algarve

Educational center

SIZE : 1,3 ha
GOALS : edible and pedagogical landscaping
FEATURES : syntropic agroforest (2019), windbreak (2018)
Syntropic agroforest and Agroforestry systems – Intensive practices



by EKŌGAIO & all its beautiful helping hands